• Prank Chaz Russo How to F*!k with your friend using WordPress, Facebook ads, and $36.52

    Prank Chaz Russo
    We all have that one friend. The one who drives a mini-van with a red ball on the antenna and has an unhealthy obsession for shoes. That guy who claims to hate Abercrombie yet manages to fit an article of their clothing into his everyday attire. An individual who keeps a stuffed animal in his desk drawer and talks to it when no one is looking (Ok, that one isn’t exactly true. #alternatefacts). Continue Reading

  • VIDEO: How to Add and Modify Google Analytics Users VIDEO: How to Add and Modify Google Analytics Users

    Video Transcript:

    Hi everyone this is Danny with plus Republic I’m going to be running you guys through how to set up user permissions in your Google Analytics accounts both internally and externally; so if you’re looking to provide them for use within your marketing department or in your company or to outside agencies who need access to your web analytics data this applies to both those situations. First we’ll go to Google.com/analytics, go to the top right, click sign-in and select analytics. Continue Reading

  • 7 Marketing Tools Your SMB Should be Using 7 Marketing Tools Your SMB Should be Using

    Being a SMB in a big pond can be challenging, which makes the marketing side of the business that much more vital to your success. It can be hard to keep costs low while still marketing effectively. These 7 marketing tools will help you scale your SMB’s marketing efforts quickly and effectively.


    FollowerWonk is the perfect marketing tool for small and medium businesses. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to comparing social media profiles, finding Twitter bios, and optimizing your followers. It allows you to identify vertical influencers, and blends your ability to engage, measure, and listen. Continue Reading

  • How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for an SMB How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for an SMB

    For small and medium sized businesses, a marketing strategy is a must. In order to create a comprehensive plan, though, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself.

    Marketing Strategy

    How is the marketing strategy going to support the goals of your business? It’s important to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. This is your marketing strategy. It outlines what you want do and how you’re going to do it. It’s imperative that you attach a specific timeline to each of your goals, such as 30, 60 and 90 day action items and targets. This ensures that your plan is targeted and realistic. Continue Reading

  • 5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    It might feel impossible to get the word out about your business; however, there are some foolproof ways to do it. Even better, you don’t need any gimmicks or fads to do it. These 5 tips are timeless and you can get started on them today!

    Give it Away

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers were really onto something when they suggested you give it away now – people love free stuff. Whether you’re in retail or professional services, this is applicable. If you deal with food products take advantage of farmer’s markets to offer samples. Tapping into your local community could lead to stores in the area stocking it, as even major chains have a function to stock local products. Despite being a relatively micro example, this can be applied to nearly any industry. Continue Reading