7 Marketing Tools Your SMB Should be Using

Being a SMB in a big pond can be challenging, which makes the marketing side of the business that much more vital to your success. It can be hard to keep costs low while still marketing effectively. These 7 marketing tools will help you scale your SMB’s marketing efforts quickly and effectively.


FollowerWonk is the perfect marketing tool for small and medium businesses. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to comparing social media profiles, finding Twitter bios, and optimizing your followers. It allows you to identify vertical influencers, and blends your ability to engage, measure, and listen.


MailChimp makes email marketing a cinch. It provides easy to use collections of templates for newsletters, and the ability to customize a design of your own. It even allows for some basic email automation for those marketers who like to experiment with additional efficiencies.


HootSuite is an online brand management tool. You can blend all of your social media platforms into one dashboard. It allows you to schedule, curate, and send posts from one location. One thing most SMB owners run short on is time, and chances are you don’t have much of it to spend hopping between social media platforms. This allows you to access everything in one central place.


SpyFu is a keyword tool that allows you to compare the tactics that your competitors are using. This allows you to strategically equal or exceed their success in your SEO campaigns and online advertising. Another similar tool is Link Diagnosis, it allows you to uncover why consumers are engaging with competitors ahead of your business. It evaluates their weaknesses and strengths, offering you insights into where you should focus your marketing efforts.


HubSpot offers the perfect all in one inbound marketing program, the software facilitates lead nurturing, SEO blogging tips, marketing automation and much more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software manages business interactions with prospective clients, customers, and even vendors. Tools such as Landslide, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and a leaner HubSpot CRM are driving the industry, and many people overlook their ability to automate marketing campaigns. These tools can track information, schedule follow-ups, set reminders, and start converting leads into sure things.


WordPress is a must for SMBs owners who want a professional looking website that is easy to manage. Every business needs an online presence to stay afloat, and you don’t need to be a web genius to do it. WordPress comes equipped with ready-made templates, both free and paid, and manages your content easily. Additionally, there are plenty of plugins to choose from that can drastically improve your day to day business from Google Analytics Dashboard to Yoast SEO.


Pixlr is basically the new Photoshop. It’s easy to use and compatible with most internet browsers. It’s an image editing tool that crops, filters, resizes and enhances images to ensure that your marketing collateral and website imagery is the best that it can be. There is no need for pricey software these days.

Bonus: Don’t forget Google+ Local, it’s a great way for SMBs to get free promotion.

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