VIDEO: Lead Generation Hack, Calendly Website Meeting Modal Tutorial

Calendly Tutorial Video Transcript:

Hello everyone this is Danny Lambert co-founder and president of Plush Republic Digital Marketing. I’m going to show you guys today a cool little lead gen trick that will eventually tie into some automation. What I’m going to be using today is Calendly. It’s a meeting booking tool that you can integrate with your website. They have free and paid versions. I’m on a trial account right now but what I’m going to be doing is tying this meeting booking plug-in into my Google calendar and then embedding it on our WordPress site. So you just go to and you’ll be prompted to set up an account, link it to your Gmail account and you’ll end up at this dashboard page that I’m on now.

The first step you want to take is to dropdown and go to your account settings. I hid the Calendly branding this is just going to display Calendly powered by Calendly everywhere you have this embedded. I believe this is a paid feature but in the trial you’re able to turn that off. Next, I named it and gave it a welcome message. This will be displayed on the booking page you’ll see a little bit later. Make sure you write something that explains what they’re going to be doing or actions they are going to be taking and then go ahead and set your time zone which I have here.

After that you’ll set your profile picture which will also be displayed on your bookings page and you can set your link. You notice that I put Plush Republic. If you want it to be personalized that could be your name. That’ll be the link where everyone will be accessing the calendar bookings. Beyond that I want to link my calendar so I’m going to check for calendar conflicts with my personal calendar. What I’ve also done is in my Google calendar I’ve created a custom calendar for just Calendly meetings. This way I can see my personal on there but also just see Calendly meetings. I’ll go ahead and click save. Next place I want to go is to set up event types. If you’re a company or individual that has different meetings, particularly if you’re consulting and you have certain paid options or anything along those lines you can set up different meeting types here. I’m just going to keep it simple with one 30-minute marketing consultation. Come in and you can start editing. In this first section set up the event name, and you can even add locations and decide what you want that link to be for that event type. Pick a color, click save and close. You can also select the times that this is available to book. This is really powerful if you want to only allow for Monday mornings. If you want to allow for the entire week you can set it up in here. Anyone is allowed to book this particular meeting type which I’ve done here from Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

There’s also some advanced settings in here as to what the increments of the availability are, how many of these particular meeting types can be booked in any given day, etc. You can even have secret meetings. You can definitely play around here and find some different ways to display your calendar. You can also do the inviting questions that you want. I’ll typically get first name, last name, email and company. But if you need marketing budgets via different preliminary questions that you ask before meetings are booked you would set those up in here and you can finish up with your different email confirmations, cancellations, and reminders. Obviously you can come in and personalized all this which is a nice little touch that they’ve added. You can add custom links if you wanted to send them something particular after meetings are booked. I’m going to leave it pretty basic for now and if you want to see what that page will look like after you set up your meeting you can click this view live page link. This is what mine would look like. I have that 30-minute consultation with all those times that we talked about in 15-minute increments. They can just come in here and confirm it. So now that I have those events I’ve set up I want to embed this on my site as a modal and there’s a couple different ways you can do that. Click back on event types, click on the gear and then embed. I have three options I can do in-line which allows you to embed this in a blog post or some content that you have. You can do a pop-up widget which is the one that I would like, or you can embed it into text so you’ll have a hyperlink and you can have it pop up when you click on that link. But I want this to live in the footer of my site so people can schedule consultations at any time. So come in here and input what I want the button to say. I’m going to put get free consultation and I’ll copy this code. For you WordPress users, you would go into your files and put this in the footer.php file before the closing body tag, but if you use another CMS make sure it’s in before that closing body tag in your HTML. I’ll come into my site appearance editor, I’ll find that footer.php file I already have it in here but I’ll just copy and paste over as you can see where that would go. Here’s the existing one but like I mentioned, place it right before that closing body tag. Click update file and then when I view my site there’s a get free consultation button. I click that and see an exact replica of that 30-minute schedule booking that we showed in the previous window.

That’s all it takes to set it up. It’s very simple and powerful. I’ll make some more videos around other meeting types on how to integrate this with Zapier to automatically add contacts into your CRM system from here. You can cancel and adjust meetings from within your dashboard. Thank you for watching you can check out some of the other videos on my YouTube channel and if you like it please subscribe and thank you for your time.

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