The 5 Best Sources for Digital Marketing Examples

Digital Marketing Examples & Inspiration


What is something that as a marketer you can never get enough of? For me that thing is marketing examples and inspiration. Every day we strive to build better campaigns that drive more leads and help grow our brand exponentially. Without the assistance of top-notch work from fellow marketers, marketing as a whole would be significantly less interesting. I was sitting around today wondering to myself, where do I go for jaw-dropping digital marketing examples?

Sure you can go to Pinterest or scroll through your Facebook feed. However, now that every marketer, good or bad, has the same tools at their disposal, the space can feel very crowded. I see a hell of a lot more garbage than I do masterpieces from online marketers in the wild. That’s why I thought it would be useful to share some of my favorite places in the digital space that help me learn from the successes of other top marketers. And here they are.

Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails Email Marketing Examples

The first on this list is a Really Good Emails. Every day we craft emails, some better than others, and hopefully better than most that we get in our inboxes. Really Good Emails is my favorite source for inspiration in the email marketing space. You can sort through thousands of amazing email marketing examples from leading brands at the drop of a hat. This includes everything from Software as a Service (SaaS) to banking, and everything else. Seriously, everything! I firmly believe in the saying “stand on the shoulders of giants”, and Really Good Emails allows you to do that with email marketing examples from the giants in the room.


AdEspresso Facebook Ad Examples

Facebook Marketing Examples

Second on this list is AdEspressso Facebook Ad Examples. AdEspresso has over 98,000 Facebook ad examples from some of the best campaigns to date. With all the garbage (I’m looking at you Tai Lopez)  you see on Facebook these days, a glance at some of the best could do you some good. Facebook AdEspresso gives you the daily inspiration you need to do amazing things online and to please your audience instead of annoying them.



Landing Page Examples


There isn’t enough that can be said about a high-quality landing page design.  Landingfolio is by far the best repository for landing page examples on the web. They have every sort of landing page you can imagine. You can find an example of everything from Webinar landing pages to ebooks, pricing pages and everything in between. Just like the other websites mentioned in this article, Landingfolio is 100% free. So get your cork board ready because you’ll have a lot of designs to post after your next visit to Landingfolio.


Crayon Website Inspiration

Website Design Examples


If Landingfolio didn’t give you all the website design inspiration you ever needed, Crayon website inspiration will certainly do the trick. Similar to Landingfolio, Crayon provides thousands of landing page and website examples. All of which can be seen with a free account. You can sort designs by type of web page, Industry, device type and much more. Another interesting component of Crayon website inspiration is the ability to track specific companies and their design efforts. Next time you’re in a bind with landing page design, swing by Crayon website inspiration to get the wheels turning.


Design Examples

What is marketing without design? A hell of a lot more productive. Just kidding, but seriously. Either way, marketing would be nothing without amazing design, and there is no better place for design inspiration then Dribble. Dribble is the designers’ watering hole of the web. It’s the who’s who of design. The Holy Grail of illustrations. The Eldorado of doodles. I think you get my point. This is my top pick for design inspiration. Dribble even allows you to hire the designers that tickle your fancy. When you’re in a design rut, or just want some fresh perspective, this is the place to go.

I hope my short list of digital marketing example resources will help you in your quest for better marketing. If you have other websites that you feel provide great digital marketing examples, please add them in the comment section below. Happy marketing!

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