Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Marketing without a sound strategy is like getting in your car and driving without knowing where you’re going.  At Plush Republic, our approach to building our clients a comprehensive marketing strategy encompasses research, brand positioning, and developing goals that our clients can achieve.


 Even the best designed websites are useless if no one knows where to look for them.  Your customers need to be able to find you if you want to convert visits to sales.  Plush Republic maintains the latest in SEO and SEM certifications and has years of experience in the space.

Email Marketing

 Your spam folder and junk mail are overflowing, aren’t they?  How do you make sure that your message actually reaches your customer and is read with the same enthusiasm as personal email? With our Email marketing strategies, we can help.

Social Media Management

 A social media presence is a must for any company.  At Plush Republic, we see social as more than just posting and sharing with an online community.  With our social media management, your social presence turns into a means to engage with customers on a more meaningful level.

Digital Public Relations

 A comprehensive PR strategy is the difference between the front page and the obituaries for your business.  No press is bad press?  Absolutely.  Shameless self promotion is no longer shameless- it’s critical to your brand.  Plush Republic leverages multiple channels and a unified message to make sure that you’re top of mind.

Web Analytics & Reporting

 The best part about modern marketing, is the data it provides and the insights you can derive from that data. There are hundreds of paid and free tools available to assist companies in analyzing their web traffic. This allows us to make data-driven process decisions to improve our clients’ online user experience (UX).