Business Process Automation

What is Process Automation?

Automating business processes saves time, money and agony. We have all invested in tools that we know aren’t being maximized. We also don’t know how to get the most efficiency out of employees and processes. Process automation will solve these issues by maximizing investments and minimizing waste.


Eliminate Waste

There is waste in everyone’s work day, but do you know how much? 61% of workers admit to wasting 30 minutes to an hour a day. However, studies show that the actual amount of waste is significantly higher. Identifying where time is being wasted and systematically cutting down on those distractions is our forte.

Maximize Employee Performance

Using time monitoring software, activity tracking and analysis of underutilization of tools, we are able to increase employee performance. We focus on automating repetitive tasks and making your current systems go further using integrations and process automation tools. Ultimately freeing up hours of additional time for your team.

Integrate Existing Processes

We all use a variety of tools. How many of them are we getting the most out of? Is there overlap between departments creating duplicate work? Internal processes working together helps save time, money and confusion. We analyze your tool stack, find ways you can use them more efficiently and suggest new tools where necessary.

How it Works




When analyzing your current processes, we take an in-depth look at your technology stack. We see where time is being wasted and extra steps are being taken. We calculate potential cost and time savings on your bottom line.



After we find areas for improvement, we present them in an easy to understand fashion. These can be API integrations to make your SaaS platforms play well together or simple email automations to save time.



Once we’ve agreed on areas for improvement, we’ll present you with an implementation timeline. We keep clear channels of communication throughout the process. Once we’re done we keep in close contact with all the effected stakeholders and report on overall performance moving forward.